Sunday, September 29, 2013

Neat and simple

I saw that quote on Twitter and loved it (needless to say I absolutely agree with it):

You do not have to attend every argument you are invited to." - Bill Murray

Question: Just how demanding is your precious ego? And how far would you go to protect it? 
“Tell me-would you kill to prove you’re right?”

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What a day

First, I bought my Digital download Vyrt ticket for the Hollywood Bowl 30 SECONDS TO MARS concert on October 12th. (Some day, not long from now, I will go to LA-and that’s a promise.)

Next I saw a tweet from a Bulgarian fan that was desperate to have her Vyrt ticket (but couldn’t afford it apparently) so I offered to buy one for her as a gift. I don’t know her; and I don’t need to. I like helping people, that’s all. And now she’s happy and I’m happy for her.

And then I received a phone call from the office which was alarming because I’m on a leave and I assumed something bad has happened. This will take some more words to explain. A few months ago a homeless dog appeared at our office-a huge one, miserable, very skinny, very frightened and with a nasty wound on one of her legs. I started to feed her twice a day, to groom her, treated her wound and took her to be neutered. She became social, friendly and basically a happy dog. The one thing she was missing was an owner. Today’s phone call was to tell me that a man claiming to be her owner came and took her with him. I asked how they knew they could trust him and they told me that the dog-Rony, recognized him and manifested her happiness from the reunion in an obvious and unmistakable manner. What a relief! I was thinking about adopting her myself and I’m so glad she’s back home.

Not bad for one day.


I like it when a novel is divided into chapters. It gives reading a sense of accomplishment.


Only working people can truly appreciate idleness.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

By word of mouth

In summer I and my lady friends are usually out of touch so when we got together over dinner at the end of August there was a lot of catching up. Of course I was most thrilled about my upcoming Germany gig trip in November and didn’t hold my enthusiasm when I spilt the news out. The woman, who is an unofficial leader to our famine pack (and with whom I share the same name), said “I don’t think I’ve ever heard any 30 SECONDS TO MARS song.” “Well, you do know how to use YouTube, right?” “Sure but it would be much easier if you made me a list.”
Oh, a volunteer! One list coming up! I think I wrote down “Hurricane”, “Up in the air", “Kings and queens”, “The end of all days” and “Do or die”-just five songs; I didn’t want to push my luck. And besides I didn’t think she would really bother to check it out. Anyway, that was 3 weeks ago. We heard each other over the phone on Sep 17th to exchange wishes because we were both celebrating our name day and a few hours later I received a message from her saying “I greeted myself with 30 SECONDS TO MARS. Unique!” And I was like “!?!?!!!!!!”

So I’m thinking about sending her the link to this cover of Rihanna’s “Stay”. Rihanna is supercute and sings well but Jared Leto’s voice is…oh, man, when did he learn to sing like that!? It catches me by surprise every time.  Fantastic cover!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

… the way I feel …

And just like that, like a bird poo from the sky, life bumps your head against the wall and leaves you to bleed. I can almost feel the wings of Nemesis grow out of my back. Never underestimate the fury of a patient man-you can't even begin to imagine the amounts accumulated. That's what happens when you take people for granted.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17

Who would’ve thought one day my name would fit me like a velvet glove?

Happy name day to me :)

30 SECONDS TO MARS have nothing to do with the occasion but have everything to do with me so there you go :) 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shed Seven – “Dolphin”

I can’t believe this song is 20 years old. Time has left no mark on it. I wish it was the same for me.


“The more I know about people, the better I like my dogs.” - Mark Twain

You have no idea how much I love dogs right now. Many black dots make an ugly big picture. It’s not that I hate people. Not as yet. I’m just quietly repelled.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


Even if life remains the same, you don’t. Thoughts will still keep on flowing, washing away the yesterday You.

When I think about my past I get nostalgic but in a reversed way-because now I like myself better than I liked myself back then.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Riddle me this

Do you know what women find most appealing?
I’ll tell you: it’s confidence.

Do you know what men find most appealing?
Me neither :) But it's fun to guess.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Stage 2: completed!

Ever had the feeling someone’s watching over you? It feels great doesn’t it?

Today I booked my flights: Sofia-Munich-Cologne-Munich-Hamburg-Munich-Sofia. While booking and checking every detail at least 20 times I literally felt sick with worry and now that it is done I feel as light as a feather. To have something to look forward to really changes everything.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Thank you

This morning I had to do some shopping at the supermarket. Do you know what the cashier said to me as I was waiting for my receipt? She said “Thank you for the smile.” That woman totally made my day.