Thursday, October 27, 2011

How soon is now?

9 hours ago TR teased his twitter followers with “OK, back to work. LOTS of new music coming your way very soon...
I hope he’ll be using his own voice this time. I miss that voice. And I can’t hide (I don’t see why I should) that I’m very curious what lyrics are going to be about. He’s happy, settled and in love-what is there left to piss him off?

Cut-and-dried trivia

I ask myself how I feel and I honestly can’t tell. Funny how little there is that I find worth complaining about; actually nothing comes to mind right now. Not that my life is perfect but considering how imperfect it could be and knowing that what I have is much more than many people do downgrades my wannabe-drama to a poor school play. All the basic ingredients are in the pot and yet the outcome merely serves the purpose to sustain rather than to satisfy. And I think I can guess why-it misses passion. Walking on the dreamy side is an enterprise much harder pulled off in winter and I’m afraid there may come a spring when nothing will grow back to life. Time is like a rope on my neck pressing tighter and tighter and I feel my energy to oppose withering with each beat of my heart. If that is what maturity is about then it’s grandly overrated. My mind is not ready to descend from flourishing to decay; not yet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Superheroes of the world-unite!

My heart misses a beat each time I spot a NIN connection. So here we have NIN in the trailer and Robert Downey Jr. in the movie-what more can I ask for? Well, many other things but as for now this is quite enough to make my morning a good one.

The whole package also includes a bunch of superheroes gathered to save a world that probably does not deserve the fuss but I’m sure they’ll put on a good show. There’s something soothing about superheroes don’t you think? I guess that’s why religion is still so popular-it makes people believe that no matter how deep they fall there’s always someone to pull them out of the mess.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Not again :)

And again I become obsessed with a band that turns out to be a one-man show. IAMX. I knew the name; I know that years ago I downloaded an IAMX album but somehow didn’t pay much attention and they kind of got out of my sight (NIN were on tour; there was room for nothing else in my mind at the time). A few days ago one of my best friends sent me a couple of IAMX songs asking “Do you know that band?” Well, yes, I’ve heard the name but as for the music…how embarrassing. I played the songs to remind myself and, oh my, that voice! I know that voice. I love that voice! Where do I know it from? Why do I already love it?! Google instantly revealed the mystery-Sneaker Pimps; that’s where I know it from. So here I am, listening for the last few days to nothing else but IAMX and I just can’t get enough of it. Chris Corner’s voice is like a drug that wipes out all those blunt details that make the picture of everyday life dull and ugly and sends me directly to the stars to look upon life in its utopian and fairy alternative version. It breaks me in half. So far I don’t care what he sings about as long as he sings.

Today I finally checked the band and what did I read? “All albums are performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Corner himself.

Not again! :))))

Have I said I like it when men wear eyeliner? Hmm, I believe I have.  
The eyeliner is a bonus :)

Friday, October 07, 2011

4 min and 40 seconds that take my breath away