Friday, January 28, 2011

At a loss

The nerve people have to be so self-reliantly definite, to think they are infallible, to be so selfishly insensitive to everything outside the realm of their precious egos …I’m truly stunned at what turns to have ever been a basic human trait but for the life of me it will never cease to strike me as to how many pumped to the edge of bursting egos I encounter on daily basis. And on what ground I ask myself and have no clue about the answer. The consequential lack of empathy is scary. 

By all means, confidence is a good thing but too much of anything is just it-too much and if anything experience at least teaches (if you are willing to learn from it of course) that there are at least 2 sides to everything and the side you see depends on your place in the picture.  And that’s what it really wraps about-to know and always mind the fact that you are a part of something bigger, that you’re not the whole of it.

It shouldn’t be that easy to hurt someone. It shouldn’t be that easy to feel hurt.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The cat princess

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just words...

Light and darkness coexist, at once. It is the soul (rather than the mind) that makes the choice to shadow the one in favor of the other. Darkness is the easier choice, I admit; it demands less efforts. You can just close your eyes and cocoon. Which doesn’t come to say that depressed people are simply lazy…nor it comes to say that keeping oneself busy 24/7 can grant one happiness. Life never remains constant. What we think of as “now” is merely our freshest reminiscence of the last exhaled breath and the last consumed emotion. “Now” is always with its one foot in the past. It is somewhat devastating to realize that paragraph devoured a few minutes of my ever altering “now” depriving it irretrievably of its chances to become something else. 
So many "now"s ahead. Who knows, one day I might actually make the right choice.