Sunday, August 07, 2016

I'm what?

The company I work for uses a cleaning service for the maintenance of the office. The cleaning service recently hired a new employee and on Friday her manager came to our office to check on the quality of her performance. I was more than surprised when the manager stopped me in the corridor to inquire if I was happy with their new worker but that was nothing compared to the surprise when I heard her add "I'm asking you because you are such a communicative and forthcoming person."

Who? Me?! That's the impression I leave on strangers? Shocking. How did that happen!?

I mean, just just a decade ago I used to define myself as "socially challenged"... I guess it is true that you can't choose your beginning but you can always choose your ending. That's encouraging enough for me.

But the thing is that I am not as interested in the final result as much as I'm interested in the process. That's an aspect I should consider more thoroughly.


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