Saturday, June 25, 2016

How much is "too much"?

I remember that in an old interview Brian Molko quoted someone (whom, alas, I don't remember, and Google is uncharacteristically uncooperative on the subject) but the words went like this: Too much of everything is just enough for me."

I wouldn't know if it's true, I haven't had too much of anything (which is merely a clarification, I have nothing to complain about), but that quote flickered in my mind when the waiter at my favorite café brought my coffee:

It may not seem like much but was in fact more than enough. Maybe I am easy to please or maybe I am happiest when I get something that I haven't even asked for. In any case too much feels just right :)

P.S. I am easy to please...but it isn't easy to guess what with. Information is a valuable asset in all areas of life. In order to push the right button you need to know first which is the right one.


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