Sunday, May 29, 2016

Be nice. Always.

An hour ago:

I'm at my favorite café, lazily indulging in mindless Facebook browsing, without a care in the world (at least not an urgent one that is) when, with the corner of my eyes, I catch someone's presence. An extremely skinny woman, almost child-like, is standing next to my table holding a stack of handmade greeting cards, with the posture of a shy animal ready to run away at the first abrupt noise, telling me something in a voice so timid it's more of a whisper. "Would you buy a card, please? You can pay as much as you like."

Oh, shit. I could see in her eyes that she's been refused too many times already. I didn't even look at the cards, I just grabbed the first one and paid.

No, that doesn't make me a good person. It only makes me a normal person. Because it is nothing but normal (but not more) to be nice to people who are less fortunate than you. It takes more to be a good person, I'm sorry.

It reminds me of the greeting cards I used to make for my parents when I was a kid. I remember it took me days to finish them.

Anyway, I'm keeping this card. Hopefully it will remind me that lady Luck is capricious and I must appreciate what I already have because that can change at any given moment. And you should too.

And don't hesitate to be nice. It doesn't hurt, I promise.


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