Saturday, April 30, 2016


I just I witnessed something strange but quite touching.

I'm at the bus stop and I hear the sound of car horns blowing - not really loudly though, not in an alarming road-rage style manner. Two cars pull over - a young man comes out from the second car, from the first car - a young woman. They slowly, somewhat in a carefree way, approach each other. I’m expecting high-pitched voices, some yelling and manic gestures - the usual post-accident behavior. There is none of it. The boy and the girl just walk towards one another and...hug. A long hug, some 10 seconds. Then they go to check the back of the girl’s car (so there was a collision of some sort after all) and then… another long hug, even longer than the first one. And then they get on their cars and drive away.

And I watch all that, stunned, warmth in my heart.


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