Saturday, April 16, 2016

Same old, same old

One of the things that bother me most is stupidity. Not the everyday idiocy that irritates the hell out of me and serves as a perpetual self-control test ride - there is no cure for that. I mean the big-scale stupidity, the blissful shortsightedness, the convenient oblivion. The humanity is as such for some 10000 years already (plus/minus a millennium but who’s counting) and has remained pretty much the same since the dawn of time. Sure, it has undergone some serious cosmetic upgrades, the society now abides by more human-friendly laws but the nature of people has remained more or less intact. Through technology the people of today have can have instant access to every knowledge possible and all that is required of them is the effort to reach out to it and connect the dots.

But they fucking don't.

Instead of benefiting from the lessons of the past every generation makes the inexplicable choice to reinvent the wheel for itself (breaking news: it is still the same wheel - through and through). And so, instead of concentrating on dealing with the most nagging problems in a creative and, presumably, more effective way humanity prefers to be stuck in the mud of conformity and inexcusable ignorance. Why inexcusable? Because the world of today is indeed connected, more than ever before, and more than ever before awareness is needed. The butterfly effect is no fiction, it's just that we're all butterflies.

This world is in the fast lane to hell, and speeding up.


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