Saturday, March 19, 2016

Astonished and in rapture

The IAMX gig in Sofia! And OMG! And fucking awesome, and mind blowing, and...well, wow :) I mean, how do you describe pure euphoria and ecstasy? You don't. That day, that gig, the way everything happened - I never dared to dream it would be so fantastic and it was in fact even more. I think about it now and I can't help to feel both sad and blessed to have been there. Ah, the bittersweet pain of post-gig depression - how I've missed you, my old friend! My head is still in the clouds, resting on a pillow of pink haze. I will get off... just not now - because now I can't wipe the smile off my face, now I am in love with life...what more could I possibly want? Now is perfect.

Thank you for the magic, IAMX!


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