Sunday, July 17, 2016


I see a lot of homeless people in the recent years. With each year there seems to be more and more of them (it's either that or my uncanny"talent" to be at the wrong place at the wrong moment but just in time to see something I wish I hadn't).

It's easy to tell a homeless person from a career beggar - no one else carries all their possessions in numerous plastic bags and wears scruffy winter coat even on a 35°C day. But what really makes my heart bleed is that they are always alone - never in pairs, always alone, all the time. No one to talk to, no one that cares about you; as if they are invisible, as if they are ghosts walking among the living. Can you even begin to imagine how that must feel like? Worse than that would be to be buried alive - and that would be just slightly worse. "Choose life"? Fuck that. Why would these people choose life when life has already given up on them and has kicked them out? 

"Life never gives you more than you can handle." Bullshit. There isn't a nonsense people wouldn't fall for... provided they have a home to return to. Why should life be so unbearably sad?


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