Sunday, August 31, 2014


There's this friend I had. Yes, past tense. We lost touch a few years ago-he didn't wanted me as a friend anymore. The story is a trivial one-he happened to be in love with me (or so he said), I didn't return his feelings (I wish I could but I had nothing to return), he said he could live with it because he didn't want to lose our friendship... and then he disappeared without a hint, without even saying goodbye. That was painful. I don't put my trust in people lightheartedly and when I do I mean it and it is for life. I don't have former friends-only people who for some reason chose to walk out of my life (and I wish you spoke before doing so). And this guy I trusted. I have told him things I hadn't told anyone else.
"A bond of trust has been abused
Something of value may be lost..."

It doesn't sound so trivial when Morrissey sings it.  


Today I sent him a message. Nothing special-just a hi-do-you-remember-me message. I'm curious if there will be a reply at all (I sincerely doubt there will be) but at least I'll know I've tried.

It is a beautiful song, isn't it?



There was no reply-just as I expected. How petty.


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