Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thank you Gjenet!

At the 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Vienna on July 1st I met Gjenet-an American girl from North Carolina, fresh out of highschool and about to go to college. She came to Vienna with her mom-it was the starting point of their one month European trip. It was her first ever 30STM concert. Her mother was at the show too but they were separated because Gjenet had a Meet and Greet ticket and her mother-a regular one. Her mother (as it is custom for any proper mother) was very worried about leaving her daughter on her own for so many hours so I volunteered to take Gjenet under my wing and took care of her the whole day. We talked a lot, shared deeply personal details and by the end of the day we were close to best friends. I felt incredibly lucky to have had her as a gig buddy. We exchanged phone numbers, I gave her my email.  After the show I left for Linz and they went on with their trip.

Yesterday FB notified me about a friend's request and, oh dear, it was Gjenet! Accept, accept! The next day there was another notification-that I was tagged in a post by her. And the things she said about me were so sweet that I even cried-I was so touched to know someone thinks so highly of me! True, that day I did my best to make her feel good and cared about - I know how much it sucks to be alone in a foreign country and I tried to be the best friend for her. But I am not used to getting gratitude and I never expect any. It feels really good to be appreciated once in a while.

Concert experience is priceless on so many levels.


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