Saturday, August 23, 2014

Life goes on

Yesterday one of my best pals at work, who took a maternity leave a couple of months ago, gave birth to a baby girl. It took my friend years of fertility tests, hormone treatment, numerous medical procedures and way too much broken hopes and desperate tears to get there. All she ever wanted was to be a mother, it was her only wish and sole craving. And when almost all hope was lost she got pregnant and as of yesterday she's finally a mother. Congratulations, girl! You made it, you really did!

I have never wanted to be a mother, I have never understood people's need to reproduce but that is not relevant in any way to this occasion. Because she's my friend, she is very dear to me and if she's happy I am only happy for her and with her.

Of course that means we will lose touch... but that's OK. She's happy and only that matters.


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