Saturday, February 18, 2017

The wisdom of the aged

Today, just as on any other Saturday, I am at my favorite café and, just as on any other Saturday, that dear old lady is here. A couple of winters ago she slipped on a frozen sidewalk, broke her hip bone and, because she's over 80 years old, she couldn't fully recover and is still using a cane which makes it difficult for her to open the sliding door and when she leaves the café I jump to my feet to open the door for her. Each time she is ever so grateful and tells me what a good kid I am (like I said she's in her 80s) but today she stopped and said “When are you going to make some lucky guy happy?” and before I could laugh in response she went on “But they're all morons so it could be you’re better off without one.”

Well, I'm not Miss Perfection either but indeed I can't say that I'm unhappy with my status.


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