Monday, January 02, 2017

The world as an oyster

Nowadays internet is available to anyone. Yes, I am aware there are still sad exceptions but they bare no relevance to my point which is about the many many users free to surf the net as it pleases them.

Here's how access to Internet has affected me personally. It has made me think of myself as of a citizen of the world meaning that the physical whereabouts of my body does not necessarily determine my mental belonging. My body resides in Bulgaria but my mind is a resident of the world. Sure, it made a great difference to who I am as a person. It made me think of the whole world as my home, and all the people in it as my neighbors.

So I can't help thinking: if one has access to Internet and the entire knowledge, news feeds and points of view it provides, and still chooses to be a narrow-minded dumbass...well, then it is that one’s own fault and there can be no excuses.

Yes, the world is my oyster - and I prefer my oyster alive and happy.


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