Sunday, October 25, 2015


Some time ago I clicked on a link that appeared on my FB wall. Was it a suggested post, or a post liked by a friend? I don't recall but it opened the letter Alain Delon has written as a farewell to Romy Schneider upon her death. I bookmarked it to read it now and then. It's heartbreaking. It's so beautiful it hurts. It makes me think that I don't know a thing about love. It makes me jealous every time I read it - not maliciously jealous, just sad-jealous because I know that no one will ever feel that way about me. You can't buy true love so I guess true love must be a gift then, a gift that is not meant for everyone. And I think that it's sad to go through life and missing on an emotion so deep. I think that the more you experience while you're alive the less reluctant you will be to leave it when the time for that comes because there will be less to regret. Or so it seems to me now. That letter makes me sad because it shows a world the door to which may never open for me. Beauty, whatever shape and mean it comes in, always makes me a bit sad because it doesn't come around much and is even less appreciated and fast forgotten. And it is beauty that makes life worth liv… worth, period. I mean, the world is cruel enough as it is and without beauty it would be completely unbearable.


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