Sunday, October 11, 2015

Just another day

I would really love to watch a documentary about...fandom. Sure, it is not the most profound subject there is but it is something a lot of people, almost everyone can relate to on a very personal, even intimate level. There are numerous documentaries on climate change, endangered species, atrocities of war and so on - all of these extremely serious and unquestionably important. But, and let us be honest about it, it is in the nature of people not to get involved unless the trouble doesn't take place in their living rooms. People would watch these documentaries and forget about them 10 minutes later because it is always about something that happens very, very far away to a handful of people they have never met and never will. And this is not an accusation, it's how it is. The reason or one of the reasons could be the information overload that the people of today are suggested to. The second something wrong happens and it's in the news. The problem is that too much wrong happens, all the time, everywhere. And you kind of... get use to it. It's no news anymore, it's just something that happens every day. Tragedy became trivial.

That is why I think it's not such a bad idea to explore lighter subjects as well and thus remind people that there is more to life than this.


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