Saturday, October 17, 2015

A dream

I had this weird dream:

I was at home. I heard a noise outside the front door, I opened it and there was a puppy who ran towards me as if he had seen his saviour (and, basically, that's how it was). I thought "OK, this is it. Now I have to adopt you." And as I took him in my arms I saw that behind the puppy there stood two little kids, 4 or 5 years old. They looked dirty, ragged and neglected. I knew no one was going to look for them, I knew they were completely alone. And I thought "Oh shit! OK, it is as it is. I will adopt you too." And I let them all in. At that point I woke up feeling very disturbed and in panic. But if it were to happen for real I would probably do exactly as I did in my dream.

So please, can I next time dream about adopting a dozen of puppies? Dogs I can handle - with love and care. Humans... Let's say I have mixed feelings about humans. 


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