Sunday, March 01, 2015

Hell of a coincidence, is it not?

During Meet and Greet with 30 Seconds to Mars there's a QandA part where fans can ask questions and the band answers them. The drill is simple: you raise your hand and if they pick you, you say the question out loud so everyone can hear you. And if you're picked you better have a question more interesting than, let's say, "what are your next artistic plans?" So in my phone I have a file where I write all the questions I have thought of that seem suitable. So far there are 5 questions in that file but my most favorite is "The best advice you've ever received".

So last Sunday night I was watching the Oscars and at around 4 something AM someone came on stage and said something like "It is now time to acknowledge the efforts of Team Oscar who, this year, had the assignment to do a short video on...the best piece of advice they'd ever received."


One second I was half asleep and the next second I was wide awake, furious and shouting at the TV " Hey, you stole my question!"

I mean, I thought of that question half a year ago for f***** sake! Duh!


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