Sunday, February 22, 2015

"I was a king under your control"

That song "King" by Years and Years? (I have the impression that guy still has his baby teeth :) )

I probably would've never heard it if a month ago my huge digital TV didn't malfunction and I had to replace it for a week with an old analog TV that could receive only 2 music channels playing only pop music. I'm glad it happened so. I listen to that track at least 5 times a day and it still makes me happy.

Yesterday I finally dared to post it on Facebook with the comment "I'm obsessed with that track. And I am not sorry if that disappoints anyone." I got one "like" which was with one more than I expected. The real surprise, however, was that it came from a guy who, of all my FB friends (and all the people I know), listens to most brutal and unconventional music. Not only it made me feel good but it also earned him a bunch of red points. There's no room for snobbishness when it comes to music.


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