Friday, June 26, 2009

The king is dead-long live the king

Michael Jackson is dead. He was the first obsession of my very own-I was a MJ fanatic from third ‘till ninth grade. How can I ignore the fact that I started to learn English in the first place primarily because I wanted to write him a letter (and send it where!?; but that was a small detail) and tell him I was his biggest fan (every fan’s favourite delusion). It was a solitary fanship-back then MJ was quite unpopular among Bulgarian kids and by the time the Moonwalker storm swept over my country my taste in music was already undergoing drastic changes. I never looked back but this morning I couldn’t help feeling sad when I read the news about his premature death.



Blogger Павел said...

Never wanted to write him a letter, and I am very suspicious about his musical talents - although I admire his unique talent as an entertainer and performer. But I can't deny he was a huge symbol of the 80s for me. And such news make me feel oooooold, and kinda nostalgic for the '80s.

Talking about age - let me break the sad news with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ;) You are not allowed to feel old today!

10:54 AM  
Blogger balance said...

True-you are nothing like an MJ type of person ;) But he was a childhood icon for me and his death indeed saddened me.

Oh, thank you dear for the wishes-you are so precious to me and I’m happy to know you care for me too :)

4:39 PM  

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