Monday, May 04, 2009

Alec Empire, May 1st 2009, The Underworld, London


Not really, he actually started with “The Ride” :)

Oh, come on, it wasn’t NiN! I’m not even close to devastation, I’m fine ;)

But it was really good and I had far more fun than I expected-I thought I wouldn’t like it at all because when I went to the club I wasn’t in a party mood. Or so I thought…

What a crowd! So colourful, wild and excited! There was a mosh pit, pogo dancing, stage diving-the works ;) Alec Empire didn’t seem to mind at all the public’s activity. I mean, quite a lot of people jumped on stage, pushed him into the crowd, hugged him from behind, yelled in the mike and he didn’t even look irritated, aggravated or intimidated or anything. It felt good not only to listen to him but to look at him as well. Now that is a man with an enormous self-confidence and an unmissable stage presence. The confidence he oozed was so solid you could cut it into bricks and build a wall; so solid that it looked as a part of the production. Something like “To do before getting on stage: fix my hair, check if my zipper’s up, switch on my confidence” :) But at one point his mask of coolness went down. There was a special guest appearance-a kinky-, fetish-looking blond giant, apparently well known ‘cause the crowd warmly welcomed him and AE introduced him with pride but apart from his impressive (not necessarily in a good way) look and wacky behaviour I don’t really see why I should know more about him (Edit: for the record-name's Patrick Wolf). Anyway, his addition to the show was so out of this world that it made Alec smile like a grown-up child talking to Santa Claus-even if he know it’s all fake what happens amuses him nonetheless :)

There was a political speech…of course ;) Good luck to him with his plan to take over the world.

The encore was “Revolution action” and it created a real mayhem! Alec let the crowd carry him around while he was lying on their hands in a Jesus Christ pose :) (Is that why he later on twittered about listening to that very same Soundgarden song on the tour bus?!)

All in all it was a killer show!


Blogger Milla said...

Bloody hell Vera, the picture you took of the Underworld made the place look so darn clean! It's almost surreal!

At what time did you take it? 5am?

10:54 PM  
Blogger balance said...

:-))))))) Le’me turn the clock back: I got up around 6, was done with breakfast at around 8, so that must be somewhere around 9 am on Friday. Indeed there were almost no people that morning. But, hey, you forget that I can not be easily impressed with city garbage ;)

7:24 AM  

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