Monday, May 08, 2017

PDA forever

You know how teenagers in love are. Always hand in hand as if an evil power will throw them away in different dimensions if they let go of one another, always making eye contact as an assurance that their object of desire isn't just a hallucination, compulsively kissing and hugging; and when they finally have to part they look at each other and wave goodbye until they lose one another out of sight.

Today I witnessed the whole “young love” ritual from up close… only they weren't teenagers but a couple in their sixties. I was on the subway, opposite them. The woman had to get off and seconds before the door opened the man patted his chest where the heart is with his hand, pointed at her and blew her a kiss. It was the most heartwarming sight I've seen in a long time. 

There's a Drink Water Reminder app. I could use an app to remind me there's more to life than work. 
But there is such an app. It's called "friends". Apparently I need a reminder about that too.


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