Saturday, April 01, 2017

Daily laughs

Yesterday one of my lady colleagues came to me with her smartphone in her hand​. “Isn't that Jared Leto?” she asked pointing to a picture on the screen. Indeed it was Jared, from some 15 or 20 years ago (with him the only way to tell is by his hair style).  “Umm, yes, that's him” I confirmed while wondering why in the world she had Googled him of all the people. And then she scrolled down the page to reveal the name of the article the picture was attached to: “6 reasons not to have sex with him”. Apparently whoever wrote it needed a picture of a handsome guy and just chose one randomly (I guess).

Sure that made me laugh but the reaction of one of the other ladies in the room was priceless. Let's say that she and I have have completely different taste in men, like totally different. And besides, I have never heard her refer to Jared as “attractive”. She insisted to know why I was laughing​ and when I told her and showed her the picture she said “Even a million reasons wouldn't stop me.”

Wow, who would've guessed!?


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