Sunday, August 30, 2015

"The elixir of love"

A few years ago I bought a book by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. It was love at first read. 

Yesterday I bought "The elixir of love". It took half an hour from the first to the last page. It is a really short book written as an exchange of letters between two former lovers trying to solve the mystery of love. Curiously enough, I am much more in agreement with his point of view than with hers. Should I be alarmed? (Well, I am not anyway. I just think that his words make more sense and sense has no gender.)
Anyway, it is beautifully written, with the delicate insightful choice of words I was hoping to find and he didn't let me down, yet again.

She: If friendship is the refuge for dying love then I hate friendship.
He: A layer of skin separates love from friendship. It is thin...

He: Women love the idea of love, men make love.

He: I am not the man of virtues you have hoped I would be. Not everyone has a strong will. You can't expect from an apple tree to produce oranges.

She: First love is beautiful because it isn't afraid of the end, because we believe that moment will last forever, because we're not aware it will wear out one day.

He: If we spend our lives in regret for a lost feeling it will not increase our capacity for love, it will only deprive us of new emotions by drowning us into bitterness.

So many great books, so few people to share the pleasure from reading them with.


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