Saturday, August 01, 2015

For the record

The way I see it there are two types of people: those who care about animals and those who don't. I am of the former type. And, as much as appreciative of and open to other people's differences I am, I can not, under no circumstances, tolerate anyone of the latter type. 

I just watched a video about a baby orangutan who, for the first year of his life, was kept in a chicken cage. It wasn't just heartbreaking, there are no words good enough to tell how I felt as I watched it. But there was rage, enormous rage against the monster responsible for that cruelty, futile rage - for nothing can undo the pain that poor fellow had to go through.

How is it possible that people can be capable of such vileness?? And that's just the 1000000-th time I ask myself that question knowing perfectly well there is no answer to it and there will never be. 


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