Sunday, May 31, 2015

Too much

At the bus stop the other day this girl approached me, and she said “I’m sorry but haven’t I seen you at the dog shelter?” That was more than a couple of years ago and I volunteered for only three months and yet she remembered me and I had no memory about her. I don’t recall any of the people there but then again I only had eyes for the dogs. I am not a people's person. I might get along with people but it still doesn't come naturally to me.

The “company” dog Ray isn’t well. A few days ago his back legs stopped working. He was given some medicine but the effect was poor. I guess he crawls somehow because in the morning I find him a few meters away from where I’ve left him in the evening. Yesterday I went to the vet and he gave me injections I had to put on the dog. I’d never done that but I had no choice so I did it. And now I’m hoping for a miracle. In a few hours I’ll be at the office to check on Ray and feed him and I so much hope to see him walk again.

I feel my face frozen in a sad mask and I try to loosen my muscles but to no avail.

Update: There's no change in Ray's condition. Hope was tiny anyway. I am afraid I must consider putting him down. His fur is soaked in his urine for fucks's sake!

I will never ever, ever, ever have a dog again.


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