Wednesday, May 06, 2015


I landed at Sofia airport 3 hours ago but am I happy to be back? Here's a hint: it isn't "Y". Right now, in the safe atmosphere of my favorite café I am contemplating my next concert trip. Not that there are any options at all - there's just one concert available. It is for September 25th (my mother's birthday BTW), and it is in...Dubai. A destination I have never considered heading to. To put it bluntly the whole Middle East area scares the shit out of me. If the circumstances were any different I wouldn't go there even if I were to be paid. But! The circumstances aren't different, they are as they are: 30 Seconds to Mars have just one more concert scheduled, it is in Dubai and that's it. I have no choice.

My father would say that I have a choice and it is not to go. But that won't do. I am addicted to happiness and I can't let any chance for it to pass me by. Not without a fight.


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