Sunday, April 26, 2015

The human factor

I don't claim that I know people. I don't. Whoever says that he/she does is simply self-deluded. The human factor is always unpredictable. However, I now know enough to 1) not want to know more, 2) not be too surprised by anything and 3) be merciful when I should be mad.

Why people tend to choose violence over love will always be a mystery to me. Is it about numbers? Too much breathing bodies inhabiting Earth which boosts competitiveness and strangles empathy? It is possible. People are, after all, animals with heightened intelligence and lessened instincts. But being intelligent doesn't mean you can't be stupid. It only means you have the potential for greatness; whether you'll use it or not is another thing.

But all in all it is a wonderful world.


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