Thursday, November 13, 2014

Enchanted I was ("I love electroheads")

Combichrist @ Mixtape5, Sofia, November 12 2014

Yeah, it is the awkwardest of words to be used when it comes to a Combichrist gig but it was my first Combichrist gig and I was truly and completely enchanted :)

Damn, my neck hurts! Last night I headbanged as if I was performing exorcism-just as devotedly and with such a passion as if someone's life was at stake. And the metaphor isn't that far fetched-my demons are nowhere to be seen; or heard. Now it's just me and my stiff neck :)

Andy live is a very impressive guy with tangible physical presence-something you can't escape noticing when you're 1-st row and his tattooed body is hovering over your head. Add to that those intoxicating beats and ominous vocals and you'll get the picture. Or probably not because a Combichrist gig has to be experienced first hand-and foot, and sweat, and lungs.

In a nutshell-it was phucking fantastic! It was totally worth the three hours of waiting in the cold outside the club . Remember, kids-there's no substitute for 1-st row ;)


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