Saturday, April 19, 2014

AIW stands for...

When I was buying the ticket for my first 30 Seconds to Mars concert (Berlin, June 6, 2014) I thought that Adventures in Wonderland was the name of the support band.

Are you done laughing? Good.

What? Prior to that my only experience with buying concert tickets online was with Nine Inch Nails and their tour page had basically the same format: date of the event, city and country, name of the venue, name of the support band. So it didn't even occur to me that Adventures in Wonderland could stand for anything different from a support band. I became aware of what it actually meant when I was already at Spandau citadel waiting with the other fans. "What is that line of people over there right at the entrance? VIP tickets? There are VIP tickets? Really?!"

There was so much I didn't know.


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