Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Love is Thursday"

A friend sent me this and I loved it so much that I translated it (hopefully I didn't ruin it). I wish I could write something like that:

*** Love is Thursday.
Love is something like Thursday.
In high school a girls asked me: “Do you believe in love?”
And I said: “That’s the same as asking me if I believe in Thursday.”
On second thought-but that’s correct!
We are sure there is Thursday.
It exists.
It is there fundamentally and in fact it is there only from time to time but where it is when it isn’t here-no one knows.
And as much as you want it to be Thursday it can’t be on Wednesday. No matter how you push.
And it can’t be Thursday all the time.
If it isn’t today only in a few days it will be.
It will come and it will go-with the dreams, the morning hunger, work-because it’s a work day, the long afternoon, the fatigue, the rest, the sleep and the ending.
Everything fell into place.

Love is Thursday. ***



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