Sunday, January 08, 2012

Fake it till you make it

Yesterday’s fortune cookie: “I may be growing old but I refuse to grow up”.
I hope to never get so old as to give up dreaming. To dream is to hope; to hope is to feel good there will be a tomorrow; to know that whatever shit falls on you today tomorrow will wash it away.
Dreams are a life simulator. Real life always feels bumpier but the key (I hope) is to practice, practice, practice until it finally goes smoothly.
Ah…OK, here’s the deal.
Despite the rose-coloredness in my words I am not an idiot (you’ll have to take my word for it). I know (first hand, alas!) that life sucks. But I also learned (or was rather taught a lesson) that life doesn’t suck all the time.
It just doesn’t pay off to resist the instinct for life. I’m here, brought to this world. I may not have wanted it; I may sometimes (true-not as often as before-good!) wish I’ve never been born at all but what’s done is done and it’ll be undone (once again against my will…probably) when my time runs out. However, the one thing I am in control of is the way I feel about that time in between so I might as well at least try to enjoy it. It might work; it might not. But the only sure way to lose is not to give it a try at all. 


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