Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I should think of that I still don’t know:

On Monday I sent two text messages to one of my dearest friends. She (in her usual carefree manner) didn’t reply to neither of them. I’m in a way used to that ‘cause I know she’s really busy sometimes and she’s very absent-minded all the time and I learned not to take it personally ‘cause she means nothing personal to begin with. But on Monday her silence made me really and I do mean REALLY furious. Picture lightnings coming out of my head-THAT mad. In one of the messages I was asking if we were going to meet that evening-busy or no busy, how much time does it take to type “I can’t make it”?! “OK”, I said, “if that is how she wants it that is how it will be. I will not be the first one to call. She’ll have to call me.” And she did the next day. It was an alarm call: “I’m sorry, so sorry for not getting back at you yesterday! Last night I had a terrible nightmare about not returning your messages! Please say you’re not mad at me!”

Oops! A nightmare!? It reminded me of that Terry Pratchett’s book where all the curses spoken out loud turned into loathsome insects. Furious at her I was indeed but is it possible that…I mean…could have my fury provoked that nightmare?!

Bah, that’s nonsense of course! This is not a Stephen King’s novel :))

It isn’t, right?


Blogger Iris said...

You should try being furious at your cable bill or your electric bill. See if that gives the Accounts Receivable person nightmares and maybe a discount on your next bill. If you have the ability to curse dreams from afar, then I say use it to your advantage. *mwah-ha-ha*


3:37 PM  
Blogger balance said...

Ah, you recommend constructive anger ;) It makes sense but it’s not likely to work in my case-I get mad only when I feel hurt. I’ll see my friend tonight and I’ll ask her to tell me about that nightmare :) Anyway, the moral here for me is that I should be careful with my thoughts and emotions and aim them with reason and responsibility. You never know who might get hurt…

4:11 PM  

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