Saturday, November 05, 2016


Lacrimosa is Latin for "weeping" - Wikipedia

Yesterday one of my colleagues, with whom I share neverending passion for Terry Pratchett's books (but that's all we share), came to me to tell me in an excited voice "Did you know that "Lacrimosa" was a piece by Mozart?" which caused me to react in the manner of a slight shock "What, besides the band?!" and that, in its turn, provoked a puzzled look on his face "There's also a band that goes by that name?!"

I should've have guessed that someone like him wouldn't know about Gothic bands. It turned out he was referring to one of the vampire characters from "Carpe Jugulum", one of the Pratchett's books about the Disk World.

And that's how I got to learn that one of my most beloved pieces of classical music is called "Lacrimosa".


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