Saturday, January 30, 2016

The beauty of silence

Winter always brings out the antisocial me and that is no surprise. The cold weather forces me to spend more time with people I don't like much to begin with and, although you can't start to like people until you know them better, in my case (or should I say-in their case) getting to know them better just gives me even more reasons not to like them. And so the feeling of irritation and intolerance deepens with each day. And I might know why.

Most people don't care to look outside their small box; I always look at the big picture. I don't get it: if you keep your eyes to the ground all you'll see is dirt; you have to lift yourself above it to see the beauty of life. You see? We don't share the same reality, there is no common ground for us. I listen to their stories and worries and see nothing that is worth even a first thought. To put it simply: people talk too much. Too much; about anything; all the time. The noise polluting the world these days is overwhelming and yet people carelessly produce more and more of it. If I try to outspeak them I will be just like them. So I don't. I just remain in dismayed silence that breaks only when I have something meaningful to say (which, of course, could be...and probably is of no meaning to the others).

My point is: noise excess devaluates words. It saddens me to see the gift of human thought so ungratefully misused.


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