Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pro's and con's of being by myself

OK, the mere fact I am going through the trouble of listing them down clearly indicates that I am not entirely content with my situation. But as a single person I have all the spare time there is at my disposal to waste it as it pleases me meaning I will make this my first entry.


1/ unlimited spare time - that would otherwise be engaged in inevitable activities of numbingly domestic nature. I have spent enough time around my parents to desperately try to avoid such bourgeoisie travesty that passes for domestic bliss. Thanks but no. NO.

2/ no one to count my cigarettes - I'm not sure why I smoke. I enjoy it, I guess. Sometimes it works as a shield against the idiocy of the surrounding world; sometimes it's a meditative tool in processing new information. Whatever the case is I would be furious if someone frowns every time I light a cigarette. Smoking is my vice of choice and I prefer to exercise it undisturbed.

3/ I can go to pee as often as I want without trying to be silent - bathroom noises, you know…hmm, not sexy...for most people that is, with I being one of them. And if you’re on of the few rest just keep as far away from me as possible, you freak.

4/ I can choose my own schedule - watch NCIS, read books, clean the bathroom (surprisingly, I occasionally get in the mood even for that), shaping my eyebrows - it's my choice entirely and it doesn't have to match anyone else's.

5/ I can watch “Twilight” (again) and shed a few tears without getting funny looks and feeling guilty.

6/ I am free to choose comfort over image and hang around the house in my most worn out sweatsuit. Sure, I scare myself a little every time I accidentally catch my reflection in the mirror but I take it as an exercise for tempering my character.

7/ I am free to express my feelings instead of censoring them for the sake of someone else's serenity. When I feel bad hardly any bystander can tell but the second I lock the door of my apartment behind me the facade goes off and that's a most liberating experience. To me privacy is one of the most important human rights. Don't mess with it.

8/ the money issue - every hard earned penny is to be spent or saved entirely on my own consideration. And if/when I decide to squander half my salary on a single concert ticket there's no one to nag how stupid I am.

OK, now let's try some con's:

I'm sure I can think of something to put here.


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