Saturday, October 11, 2014

If you should pick 5 words that describe you

My 5 words would be:

# loyal
# unambitious
# hypersensitive
# responsible
# discreet

Err, I'd make an excellent servant wouldn't I? Or a dog.

Maybe I should play that game again in a few years from now-hopefully my choice will be a different one. Still it's an upgrade comparing to the way I would've described myself a decade ago. 

Is there a reasonable correlation between the decay of the body and the perfection of the spirit with age? As compensation-the way after the loss of one of the senses the performance of the others heightens? Life would be much different if it were so-with much less family grudges if not else. It's a pity that something so wonderful as the human spirit should be trapped in such an imperfect perishable shell.


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