Thursday, July 10, 2014

So what!

I have indeed changed.

Today was a very easygoing day. No stress, no battles of tempers, no shouting around. Just a nice, civilized, warm summer day. I had an open arrangement to meet a friend after work (meaning I promised to come, she said she would try to-looks like it didn't work; whatever). So after work I sat at a table outside my favorite cafĂ©, waved a smile to the waiter, he smiled back...and a couple of minutes later he brought me what I always have here-a latte macchiato and a chocolate cake. Oops! How was he supposed to know that's my usual when I come here on a weekend day at noon and never, NEVER, at 7 pm on a midweek day because it would mean a sleepless night and over 1000 extra unwanted calories. Did I try to return what the waiter brought? Did I show any sign of discontent? Did I say anything at all? No, no and no. I just put on a huge smile, said a sincere "thank you", drank the latte and ate the cake. So I'll have a sleepless night-big deal. A few years ago I used to freak out at any disruption of my routine. And now I just say "So what!" and play along with whatever life throws my way. It's the attitude that counts and when people are nice and attentive I humbly appreciate it and make sure to be nice in return.

I hope there will be something interesting on TV tonight :)


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