Monday, July 07, 2014

SOFIA ROCKS, baby :)

For some reason SOFIA ROCKS last night left me post-gig depressed. I don't know why. I absolutely loved every second of it. Jared didn't but I and everyone within the reach of my eye sight were having the time of our lives. And now that life feels colorless and empty.

Pity he didn't like the Bulgarian crowd. Was I the only one who saw it? No one else mentions it. When he's happy with the crowd his face glows and you can feel his excitement almost physically. And in Sofia-nothing. Did I say "pity"? I'm actually heartbroken. This concert was supposed to be the best 30 Seconds To Mars concert ever! What the hell went wrong? Were the fans too shy, didn't know what to do? I did my best and I mean it was my best-I've never sung louder than I did last night. Shit. Now he'll never come back.

Nevertheless the way Jared sang last night was simply perfect. PERFECT! God, I love that voice.


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