Thursday, May 01, 2014

Single quo

To be honest, never in my life I have dreamed or wanted to marry (to my mother's horror I'm sure). At some point in my childhood I though that marriage was something that came naturally and was in a way inevitable in nature-like growing permanent teeth and pimples. I thought it was something that eventually works out somehow. Well, I was just a kid who's only concerns were A grades at school and playtime with friends (and friendships were a lot easier then weren't they?). But even later on, when I became aware of the concept of marriage it still didn't hold any appeal to me. I only wanted to be in love...without the collateral consequences.

I probably have it all wrong but I can't help thinking about marriage as the end of the fairytale. The thrill of the chase is over, uncertainty is silenced, ownership is claimed-it's pretty much like the after prom day: the excitement is consumed and someone has to wash the dirty dishes. I see no fairytale in that. Yes, I know I’m approaching it from the wrong angle. But it is my story…and my ending. 


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