Sunday, April 27, 2014

That moment...

That moment when you text someone important for you, and there's no reply for what seems like ages, and your phone finally alerts that you've received a new message, and you see it's from someone else?

It sucks big time doesn't it? Because you start asking yourself unpleasant questions and jump to painful conclusions and pretty much a damage is done simply because someone is too lazy to pick up the damn phone!

OK, I feel a bit better now. Couldn't escape the conclusions thought. I have only so much patience left.

It is always the one who cares more that gets hurt more. Don't you wish sometimes you could unplug your feelings? But then again I don't think I would've if I could. If there's any joy in this world left for me I wouldn't miss it no matter the price I'd have to pay for it.


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