Thursday, April 10, 2014

Viewers discretion is advised

This morning I’m especially intolerant to stupidity. This can’t end good…for everyone careless enough to ignore the warning signs. I’m sick of shallow words. If you can’t back up what you say don’t even bother to speak, OK?

Some days headphones are my best friend.   

But it’s all for the best (hmm, lately I say that a lot). My faculty of adjustment is tested today and I’m pleased to say that I passed impeccably. Keeping a grudge, no matter how justified, is immature and always backfires. If I am to keep my mind busy with something it better be beauty and love and lust...oops! OK, clearly I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars addict :)

This entry makes no sense does it? Must be the pre-Friday madness. But at least the track is great.      


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