Thursday, March 06, 2014

Roller coaster of dreams

Last week was so eventful! The trip to Germany, the concerts, the emotions, all the beautiful people I met, all the good experience I had-it was delicious! But the cherry on top of the cake was, of course, the Oscar ceremony on Sunday night. God knows how I managed to stay awake all night long-at 3.30 AM when the ceremony began I was already almost asleep. Luckily the first category to be presented was the only one I cared to witness live-“Best Supporting Actor”, the category Jared Leto was nominated for. Anne Hathaway went on stage, read the names of the five contenders, said “And the winner is…” and then there were the few dreadful seconds of silence that seemed to drag on forever while she unwrapped the envelope with the winner’s name and I thought my heart was going to explode…and then she said “Jared Leto” and I felt like running around the house screaming “He won! He won!” :) I felt so happy, so happy for him. It was such a special moment. His acceptance speech is no longer available on YouTube “due to a copyright claim by the Oscars” but it’s on his site for everybody who missed it:

There isn't such a thing as “too much happiness” :)

P.S. I wonder if I should change the tag of my photo with Jared and add "an Oscar winner" to it? ;) Well, it's true isn't it?
So happy... 

It is a living proof that through persistence, hard work and strong belief dreams do come true. It is better than a fairy tale because it's real.   


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