Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Half a year ago the company I work for moved to a new office. It’s actually a separate building with a yard and a fence-almost like a dream home…except that it’s nothing like it. The new office came with a dog-a 10 year old German shepherd that the previous tenants left behind. His name is Ray but he couldn't care less how the two-legged call him because he’s deaf. He also passes for the company talisman now, sort of. Guess who looks after him? Yours fatefully-as singular, as single-handedly.  Everybody else says “What a cutie” but no one else but me is willing to get his hands dirty.

He’s indeed a cutie and is the sweetest soul ever:

Yesterday I went to one of the giant supermarkets to buy him food (paid with my own money…of course). The girl at the counter marked my groceries (dog food, dog food and dog food) and smiled at me “ Didn't you get anything for you?” Ugh, the day I’ll put myself first will be a sad one.


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