Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The more, the better

A month ago I bought my Adventures-In-Wonderland VIP tickets for the 30 Seconds to Mars concerts in Berlin-February 25th , and Hannover-February 26th. How I am to get from Berlin to Hannover and back in time to catch my return flight to Sofia is still unclear but that is a problem I’ll deal with next year.

So Berlin is on Feb 25th. Logic suggested I should fly to Berlin the previous day. But for some reason-and I really can’t explain why, I decided to fly to Berlin a couple of days prior to the Berlin concert and to have Feb 24th off – for walking around if weather permitted, for just relaxing; I only knew I wanted to be free to do whatever in Berlin that day.

Two concerts. Not nearly enough. That’s why I was seriously considering buying tickets for 4 more concerts in mid-February (3 in France, 1 in Stuttgart) but then there was an announcement that the European tour will be extended and there will be more concerts in spring and summer. I decided to wait-it’s no fun at all to wait for a concert in February and freeze to death, right? And yesterday-oh, wow, two shows announced for July in Austria! Hooray! I checked the Adventures-In-Wonderland VIP options for Vienna and what did I see? The tickets were a bit cheaper but in a smaller print it was written NB: this does not include a ticket to the show”. Oops! My Hannover ticket was a bit cheaper too. Could it be it didn’t include a ticket to the concert as well and I missed to see it!? It turned out I have missed to see the small print so I rushed to the eventim.de site and purchased a ticket-it should arrive by the end of the week. Phew! That was close. Imagine I discovered that very significant detail on location! Good. That’s settled now.

I checked the tour page again and…oh, my, there's an update-a screening of the ARTIFACT in Berlin, on February 24th, my day off! Guess if I bought a ticket for it. You bet I did! Happy, happy!

Wait a minute! Didn’t I see a Sound check option for Hannover? Hmm, that sounds tempting. Charge it! Yes, I upgraded my Early Entrance with Sound check.

"And the story goes..." :)  


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