Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fucked up logic

I saw the video “Up the air” on MTV Rocks. The MTV version is slightly different from what I saw on YouTube because: all the scenes in which Dita Von Teese rides the pink mechanical bull are censored; there’s the word “fuck” in the lyrics but you don’t hear it or lip-read it that is censored too; and there’s Ashley Smith giving the finger-also censored.
Are you sane? Each day I see on music televisions numerous videos in which female flesh is exposed and used in such a manner that is way more vulgar and insulting than the already common “F” word. I guess to show you are pissed off is considered more dangerous than the message that women as a gender are indecent.

P.S. As for Dita-she can make even riding a merry-go-round look dirty; may she be blessed :)


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